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World News

Lost ancient Roman city revealed with radar

A Roman city in Italy has been mapped in incredible detail without any digging using a ground-penetrating radar strapped to a quad bike. Falerii Novi is over 2,000 years old but today is mostly underground, leaving many of its ancient buildings undiscovered – until now.

New scans of the site capture a bath house, theatre, shops and even the city’s entire plumbing system in unprecedented detail for the first time.

Archaeologists say ground-penetrating radar (GPR) tools could revolutionize our understanding of ancient settlements.

The technology allows researchers to survey vast regions trapped beneath Earth’s surface without having to carry out time-consuming excavations.

Team member Professor Martin Millett said: “This type of survey could transform the way archaeologists investigate urban sites.”

The technology was used at Falerii Novi, a walled city spanning 75 acres about 30 miles north of Rome. Falerii Novi was founded in 241 BC during the time of the Roman Republic and was inhabited until around 700 AD in the early Middle Ages.

The city, not quite half the size of ancient Pompeii, had previously been partially excavated but most remained buried.

ground-penetrating radar 地中探知レーダー
unprecedented 前例のない、かつてない
Archaeologist 考古学者
excavation 掘削

イタリアにあるローマの都市が非常に細かい詳細まで明らかになった。四輪バイクに取り付けた地中探知レーダーを使用し、掘削は一切行われていない。Falerri Noviは2000年以上前の都市で、現在ではほとんどが地中にあり、古代建築の多くは発見されないままになっていたーこれまでは。




チームの一員であるMartin Millet教授は「考古学者が都市遺跡を調査する方法を変容する」と話した。

ローマの北30マイルほどにある75エーカーの壁に囲われた都市である、Falerii Noviに同技術は使用された。Falerii Novi は紀元前241年のローマ共和国時代に建造され、中世前期の西暦700頃まで居住されていた。

古代ポンペイの半分にも満たないFalerii Noviは、一部が以前掘削されていたが、大半は埋まったままだった。

Japan News:

Quokkas, dubbed “happiest animal,” have arrived at Japanese zoo

Three of four quokkas recently acquired by a zoo near Tokyo were unveiled to the press ahead of their public debut. The endangered marsupials, often called “the happiest animal on earth” for their smiling appearance, are the first of their kind to be exhibited outside of Australia.

The quokkas arrived at Saitama Children’s Zoo in Higashimatsuyama, Saitama Prefecture, in March from Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, but their debut was put on hold as the zoo temporarily closed the same month due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The zoo has, however, been posting photos and videos of the new residents on social media ever since they arrived.

Three of the quokkas, one male and two females, were let out of their shed and allowed to graze on the grass in the enclosure outside, under the watchful eye of their keepers.

The quokkas will go on display for a couple of hours a day, but only those who obtained a ticket will be able to see them.

Quokkas, which measure around 40 to 55 centimeters in length, are designated as a vulnerable species, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. They inhabit islands off the coast of Western Australia, particularly Rottnest Island off Perth, the state capital.

Quokka クオッカ
dubbed …と呼ばれる
unveil 明らかにする
endangered 絶滅に瀕した
marsupial 有袋動物
shed 納屋
graze 草を食べる
enclosure 囲い
vulnerable か弱い、脆弱な








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be there 「到達する」
Some makers of human-resources software say they’re working on developing new ways to predict potential but aren’t quite there yet.


  thereは「(動作、話、事件などの)その場所で(に)/その時点で/そこで」。今回は(they) aren’t quite there yet「まだそこまではいっていない→到達していない」と意訳。他にも、You should stop there.「そこでやめておくべきです」、Don’t go there.「そこ(=その話題)には触れないでください」などのように使う。
crack the code 「暗号を解く→解決策をもたらす」
And companies like undefinedAmerican Express and SAP SE are rethinking how to gauge employee potential—focusing on new metrics, using games to identify traits like perseverance or classifying workers’ abilities differently—but have not yet developed a quantitative approach that cracks the code.


  crackは「(暗号を)解く/解読する」、codeは「暗号」。今回は、crack the codeで「暗号を解く→→解決する→解決策をもたらす」と意訳。crackはbreakに置き換えることができる。なお、「暗号を解く」は、decode、decrypt、decipherを用いて一語で表すこともできる。perseveranceは「忍耐力、粘り強さ」、quantitativeは「量的な、定量的な」。
ビシネス英会話 fresh thinker 「斬新な発想力を持った人材」
In a survey of more than 9,500 managers by CEB Inc., nearly a quarter said they rely on gut instinct when picking future stars, a finding that may explain why some companies say they’re struggling to find fresh thinkers and diverse hires.


  freshは「斬新な」、~thinkerは「~な考え方をする人」という意味なので、今回のfresh thinkerは「斬新な発想力を持った人材」になる。ちなみに、フランスの彫刻家ロダンの作品「考える人」は、フランス語ではLe Penseur、ドイツ語ではder Denker、英語ではThe Thinkerと呼ばれている。Leとderはtheに当たる冠詞で、Penseur とDenkerは「思想家」という意味の名詞。gut instinctは「本能的な直感」。



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Business School interview

Once in an interview at a business school, a panel of interviewers was taking interviews of prospective students for admission in school.

One of the prospective students entered and sat down nervously on a chair in front of them, One of interviewers said to the boy, “We shall ask you either ten easy questions or one really difficult question. What would you choose?”

The boy thought for a while and replied, “I would like to answer one really difficult question.”

The interviewer smiled and replied, “Well then good luck to you… Now answer us… What comes first, Day or Night?”

The boy was jolted into reality as his admission depended on the correct answer to this question but then he thought for a while and replied, “It’s a Day. Sir.”

“How?”, asked the interviewer.

“Sorry sir but you assured me that I do not need to answer any other question if I choose to answer one difficult question”, the boy replied.

The boy was slected for admission.