Do people dislike drunks?

In America it is expected that a person be able to “hold his liquor.” In other words, a person should not speak in an overly loud voice, make loud sounds, sing, shout, or become a nuisance to his own party or to neighboring tables. Each person should be aware of his or her own capacity for alcohol and be certain not to exceed that limit. If there are cocktails before dinner, then one glass of wine is probably enough. If there are no cocktails, then two glasses of wine is a good guideline. In America, people do not usually pour drinks such as beer for others. Each pours his own beer from his own bottle. If a person does try to fill another’s glass, the other person is liable to feel slightly uncomfortable, because he wants to drink at his own pace. Persistently encouraging others to drink is impolite, dangerous and immature. It is actually important that companions try to discourage a person who seems to be drinking too heavily. Under no circumstances should such a person who has drunk heavily be allowed to drive a car. If you cannot safely drive the person home yourself, insist that the person return home by taxi.