Grammar Self Study – Past Simple/Continuous Part I(過去形/過去進行形1)


(Print this assignment out first and do it. Then, come back and click each drop down menu list to check your answers.)
Directions: Read the following description of Steven’s recent activity in Tokyo, Japan. Answer the following questions based on what you have read:
Friday evening was a very fun night for Steven. His friends came to visit him in Japan and they went out to have fun. At about half an hour before 8pm, they took the train and went to Shinjuku. They arrived at a Japanese restaurant a little before 8pm and started to eat dinner. At 3 hours after midnight, they went to sing at a Karaoke place. They were sang and drank for an hour then took a taxi home at around 4am. Today, they woke up early at 9am and went to have some coffee at Starbucks half an hour later. Afterwards, they drove to Shizuoka at a quarter past noon.
What did Steven and his friends do at the following times yesterday? Write sentences to explain what they did. Keep the sentences in the simple past tense.
(at 8 o’clock yesterday evening)
(at 4 o’clock Saturday morning)
(at 7:30 last night)
(at 3 o’clock this morning)
(at 9 o’clock this morning)
(half an hour after waking up)
Complete the following sentences with the words in parenthesis ( ). Use the past continuous form.
1. Tom burnt his hand when he _____________________ dinner. (cook/dinner)
2. The doorbell rang while they ________________________. (eat/supper)
3. I saw an accident while I ________________________. (drive/car)
4. Mary fell asleep while she ________________________. (read/book)
5. The television was on but nobody ________________________. (watch/it)
6. I went to Susan’s house but she ________________________ at the library. (study/Japanese)
7. John and Paul ________________________ yesterday morning. (play/tennis)
8. I ________________________ when my friends arrived at my apartment yesterday. (read/my book)
9. While Susan ________________________ this morning, the phone rang. (take/shower)
10. Madoka and her mother ________________________ to Kichijoji yesterday. (ride/bus)