Prepositions – (Place):前置詞(場所編)

Preposition of Places
(Print this assignment out first. Then, come back and click each drop down menu list to check your answers.)
Directions: Read the following sentences and choose which preposition is needed. When you are finished, return here to check your answers.
1. After getting off the plane, I took the airport limosine _______ the airport _______ my home.
2. Could you please bring these towels _______ room 301?
3. I tried to get a seat _______ the train but there were no vacant seats available.
4. How long have you been living _______ Japan? Where did you come _______ ?
5. I saw many beautiful paintings _______ the museum yesterday _______ Shinjuku.
6. What do you like to do when you are _______ vacation?
7. The policeman told me that the library was located _______ the end of the street.
8. _______ my way home from work yesterday, I saw a couple walking _______ the street.
9. The bathroom is located _______ the top of the stairs. When you get up there, look _______ your right.
10. You can find your reports _______ the filing cabinet.
11. I am going _______ Italy this Summer with my friends.
12. Who is the man _______ this photograph?
13. I was waiting for Jack _______ the station.
14. You will find the answers to your homework _______ page 250.
15. We went _______ the movie theater last night. It wasn’t very fun because we sat _______ the last row.
16. When we moved here _______ Kansai, we lived in a very small apartment _______ the 5th floor.
17. You can find the cooking instructions _______ the back of the box.
18. What are you holding _______ your hands?
19. Turn left _______ the lights.
20. We waited for over an hour _______ the bustop but the bus never came.