How to respond in English!

質問の内容はわかるけど “正しい返答の仕方”がわからない・・・。

(例)For example:
IF you are asked the question, “How have you been recently?”
A) I have just met John.
B) I am doing fine.
C) How have you been?
D) Not so bad.

質問に対して適した回答は上の4択のうちどれでしょう? 答えはD
Which of the above is the “best” response from you? If you guessed answer choice “D”, you are correct! Test your ability to respond using the quizzes below! We will regularly add new quizzes and situations. IF you wish to practice “better responses” in a particular situation, please contact us at to let us know.(replace the “#” mark in the email address with “@”) Once we receive your request, one of our quiz development team members will create a quiz for you. Hope you enjoy the quizzes and good luck!