Must (Must not) vs Can (Can not) – Part 2

– Part 2

Complete each sentence with a verb (one or two words) in the correct form.
1. I’ve lost my train ticket.  I must __have dropped___ it somewhere.
2. They haven’t lived here for very long so they can’t ___know__ many people.
3. Phil isn’t at work today.  He must ___________________ ill.
4. Phil wasn’t at work last week.  He must _________________ ill.
5. I wonder who Gary is talking to on the phone.  It can’t ____________ Tim, he is still at school.
6. She knows a lot about films.  She must _________________ to the cinema a lot.
7. My father is putting on his scarf and coat.  He must _________________ out.
8. I left my bike outside the house last night and now it has gone.  Somebody must ________________ it.
9. Stuart was very depressed when he lost his job.  It can’t ____________ easy for him.
10 That man has been walking behind us for ten minutes.  He must ________________ us.