Must (Must not) vs Can (Can not) – Part I

MUST and CAN’T- Part 1

Complete the sentences using must or can’t.
1. John has been travelling all night. He __must___ be tired.
2. That cafe _________________ be very good.  It’s always crowded.
3. That cafe _________________ be very good.  It’s always empty.
4. I’m sure I gave you the house key.  You ________ have it.  Have you looked in your coat pocket?
5. Sue and Andy are going on their honeymoon tomorrow. They ____________ be looking forward to it.
6. The weather was terrible during their holiday, so they ___________ have had a very nice time.
7. Congratulations on passing your driving test.  You ____________ be very happy.
8. You got here earlier than I expected.  You _______________ have caught an express train.
9. That couple always travel business class, so they ___________ be short of money.