Business English / Idioms (日本語・英語)

Business English Expression and Phrases <ビジネス英会話フレーズ>
-Learn expressions such as idioms and slang that is unique to culture, age, and business!
新しい英語表現: 文化・時代・ビジネスで使う特有なイディオム表現や俗語を覚えよう!

–Hiroshi and Carl just finished giving a presentation to their clients and are sitting in the conference room discussing how they did. Anthony, a colleague who also attended the presentation, comes in to offer some words of encouragement and advice–


Hey guys, that presentation you just delivered blew them away! I feel you were on point in addressing ways for them to slim down operating expenses.



I surely hope they keep an open mind in considering our radical recommendations considering that they were not "tried and true" techniques.



Mr. Stephenson is a no nonsense businessman so I am confident you had his utmost attention. I really feel he was impressed by both of you in that you offered thinking and insight that was "outside of the box".



I really appreciate your kind words Anthony, but I felt I could have done better on my part. Carl was a real life saver when he stepped in to explain the details of our proposal. Thanks Carl, I could not have pulled through without you.



Don’t beat yourself over it so much Hiroshi. You did perfectly fine!



Hiroshi, I agree with Carl. You stuck to your guns when they tried to break down your proposal and you did not waver in your opinions. That in itself shows credibility on your part.



I am thankful for your kind words. I just feel I could have done something better!


"blow someone away" 誰かを圧倒する
"on point" 的を得ている
"slim down" 削減する
"tried and true" 試されて証明されている
"no nonsense person" 不適切さを許容しない人
"outside of the box" (常識の)箱に捉われない
"life saver" 命の恩人
"to step in" 介入する
"to pull through" 切り抜ける
"beat oneself over" 自分を痛めつける
"stick to one’s guns" 自分の意見に忠実でいる
"Popular vs Common" 今回はPopular と Common の使い方を解説します。