Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 4 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 4
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To take part in: to be involved in, to participate in (also: to be in on).
At all: to any degree (also: in the least).
To look up: to locate information in a directory, dictionary, book, etc.
To wait on: to serve in a store or restaurant.
At least: a minimum of, no fewer (or less) than.
So far: until now, until the present time (also: up to now, as of yet). This idiom is usually used with the present perfect tense.
To take a walk, hike, etc.: to go for a walk, hike, etc. A ‘hike’ involves challenging, strenuous walking, usually up a hil or mountain.
To take a trip: to go on a journey, to travel.
To try on: to wear clothes to check the style or fit before buying.
To think over: to consider carefully before deciding.
To take place: to occur, to happen according to plan.
To put away: to remove from sight, to put in the proper place.
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