Prepositions of Time and Place – Part II:前置詞(時間・場所編2)

Read the following sentences and choose whether " At, On, or In " fits.
■下記の文章を読み、該当する前置詞を【 at, in, on】の中のいずれから選び文章を完成させなさい。
  1. I will call you when I get _______ front of the station.
  2. The cooking instructions can be found _______ the back of the box.
  3. We couldn’t see the movie very well because we were sitting _______ the last row.
  4. Where were you when I called last night? "I’m sorry, but I was not _______ home."
  5. Although Kawamura san was standing _______ the same platform as me, I couldn’t find him.
  6. Please look _______ the top _______ page 316. _______ the first paragraph, you will find the answer to question.
  7. If you can not find the documents in my office, please look _______ the file cabinet. The key to the cabinet is _______ my desk drawer.
  8. I recently installed new software _______ my computer but it doesn’t seem to be working.
  9. You can find the library _______ the end of the street.
  10. "Sumie, why are you throwing beans _______ the floor?"
  11. Our new apartment has a great view because we now live _______ the 33rd floor.
  12. The bathroom is located _______ the top of the stairs.
  13. "I am looking for Shinji. Have you seen him?" Yes, he is sitting _______ the taxi.
  14. I prefer to get _______ the bus to go to the airport since I do not have to transfer.
  15. Rie san wasn’t _______ work today. I think she is _______ home _______ bed recovering from a cold.