Q. What’s the rule about smoking on planes?


On airplanes, smoking is allowed only in the smoking sections and not in the aisles or in the lavatory. Heavy smokers should be aware that some flights are completely non–smoking. On international flights lasting eight hour or so, the urge to light up may become very strong, but sneaking a quick smoke in the lavatory is not the answer. It is dangerous and smoke detectors in the lavatory signal the cockpit if someone is surreptitiously smoking there.

During one flight we were on, the captain announced in English that the detector had reported cigarette smoke and that if it happened again he would land the plane at the closest airport and hand the smoker over to the local police! Strangely enough, when this was translated into Japanese by flight attendant, she merely said, “Tabako wo goenryo kudasaimase” omitting the severity of the captain’s words. A word to the wise: those who must smoke should reserve flights that allow it and smoke only in the smoking section.