Check your Answers with the ones below:
TOEIC Part V – Multiple Choice ( Incomplete Sentences )
1. The personnel department has decided to ______ a more rigorous training for workers at the new factory.
A. implement
B. base
C. instruct
D. accompany
6. ______ the company is upgrading its computer system tomorrow, all offices will remain open.
A. Even though
B. Nevertheless
C. As if
D. Accordingly
2. ______ the new management, the procedures for contacting with outside vendors will be changed as of next month.
A. Over
B. Between
C. Toward
D. Under
7. Although funding for literacy campaigns is often considered to be an urban issue, there are ______ many litreracy projects in need of money in rural areas.
A. unless
B. also
C. else
D. such
3. ______, Mr. Tucker has decided to leave the company at the end of this month.
A. Regrettably
B. Regtrettable
C. Regretting
D. Regret
8. In talking to the section heads, Mr. Brinton, the supervisor, reminded ______ to submit the monthly report before the weekly meeting.
A. her
B. them
C. him
D. ours
4. The way you dress for an interview can significantly improve your ______ of being hired.
A. jobs
B. limits
C. pursuits
D. chances
9. Brighthill Company ______ its staff members a day off whenever they complete a big project.
A. grants
B. donates
C. requires
D. retrieves
5. Through her excellent clerical work, Mrs. Chang showed ______ to be an experienced worker.
A. she
B. her
C. hers
D. herself
10. Total research and development ______ in the scientific area has steadily increased for the past three years.
A. spending
B. currency
C. account
D. receipt