What should I do before going to the restaurant?

It is advisable to find out ahead of time what the dress code is and whether reservations are necessary. A phone call to the restaurant early in the day will answer these questions. In the event that you are hosting a large party (more than six), reservations will be advisable. In the event that you plan to pay by credit card, it is also wise to ask if they accept the card you plan to use. Assuming that you make a reservation, be sure to arrive promptly. If you will be delayed by more than ten minutes, contact the restaurant immediately. You cannot expect them to hold a table for longer than that. When you arrive at the restaurant, say to the head waiter, “Good evening. I made a reservation for Suzuki, a party of four.” If you arrive and have to wait for a table, you can wait in the bar and enjoy a cocktail or nonalcoholic drink until a table is ready for you. Casual restaurants may ask for you to pay for your drinks separately at the bar. Elegant restaurants will most likely transfer your bar bill to your dinner bill and the waiter will carry your unfinished cocktail to your table at your request.