TOEIC and Grammar Review (Answers)

–This section will cover a broad range of different grammar rules and explanations to help you understand sentence structure and improve awareness of English grammar.
Check your understanding by selecting the correct answer below: 
Read each of the following of sentences and select the best answer. Print out this lesson plan and ask your teacher to assist you in understanding the grammar rules if you do not understand your mistakes..
Part V – Multiple Choice
1. Ms. Andrews is hoping to change ______ daily routine to be more conducive to a healthier lifestyle.
A. herself
B. her
C. she
D. hers
6. Regulations have been enacted to ensure that labels on all medications are easily ______ .
A. understand
B. understanding
C. understandable
D. understandably
2. Sarah would have to seriously change the lifestyle she leads ______ if she is concerned about her health.
A. herself
B. her own
C. she
D. by her
7. Because of the recent blizzard, students are ______ confused as to whether class would be postponed or cancelled.
A. understand
B. understanding
C. understandable
D. understandably
3. He has very high ______ for his new job, although he has only been there for a little over a week.
A. expect
B. expecting
C. expectedly
D. expectations
8. Due to the typhoon interrupting classes this week, students will be ______ to submit their final essays next week.
A. permission
B. permitting
C. permitted
D. permissible
4. ______ Anthony, who else in our division is looking for other ways of reducing company costs and improving profits?
A. Excepting
B. Exception
C. Except
D. Accept
9. Clients wishing to cancel ______ appointment must do so within 48 hours to avoid a penalty fee.
A. them
B. themselves
C. their
D. theirs
5. Construction of the new shopping mall is expected to last ______ early September due to recent delays.
A. further
B. until
C. in
D. at
10. I truly appreciate the corporate brochures you sent but could you give me ______ information about your company?
A. farther
B. further
C. addition
D. additionally
In English, there are some special situations where certain nouns are followed by different prepositions. Lets look at some examples.
For example:
a demand (for) cause (of)
a reason (for) a difference (between)
an advantage/ disadvantage (of) an attitude (to)
– "there is" an advantage (in)    
a relationship (with) damage (to)
-relationship (between) two people/things invitation (to)
a photograph/picture/map/plan/drawing (of) a solution (to)
an increase/ decrease (in)  

Read each of the following sentences and complete the missing part using one of the nouns above with its appropriate preposition. (Each noun+preposition example above can only be used once)

Print out this lesson plan and ask your teacher to assist you in understanding the grammar rules if you do not understand your mistakes..

1. The fire department has not figured out the ______ ______ the explosion.
-cause of
2. Why was he so rude? I could not understand his behavior and ______ ______ my coworkers.
-attitude to
3. Have you done the homework assignment yet? I need to know the ______ ______ question 5 on page 49.
-solution to
4. Kumiko has a very good ______ ______ her family. They get along very well.
-relationship with
5. If you had driven more safely, you would not have caused ______ ______ my car. I now have to take it in for repairs.
-damage to
6. The ______ ______ prices over the last several years have made it difficult for families to afford basic necessities.
-increase in
7. Jenny mentioned that her salary remains relatively unchanged since she changed jobs. The ______ ______ her current salary and her previous salary is negligable.
-difference between
8. Yuko, have you received an ______ ______ Tom’s wedding reception? I have not gotten mine yet but will wait by the mailbox everday until it comes.
-invitation to
9. Wow, you look so young! Is this an old ______ ______ you when you were a student in college?
-photograph of
10. Apple has been inundated with orders for the new iPhone 5 since ______ ______ the new phones haven’t subsided.
-demand for
11. Other than having trains run more often, what are the ______ ______ living in the city rather than the country?
-advantages of
12. What ______ did Sarah give you ______ coming to work late this morning? Did she say she overslept or did she have a better excuse?
-reason/ for
13. Google and Apple have developed great applications to help people find the best directions. They both provide detailed ______ ______ any city with clear points of interests.
-map of
14. A ______ ________ the value of the dollar with regards to the exchange rate from 80yen/dollar on January 1st to 76yen/dollar on January 31 made my decision to study in Japan more difficult since I would not have enough to pay for tuition.
  -decrease in
15. One of the many _______ ________ this software is that it is expensive and difficult to install.
  -disadvantages of