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World News

Friends character look-alike gets attention of UK police, David Schwimmer

British police are looking for a shoplifter who resembles Ross Geller, a character from the 1994-2004 TV comedy series Friends.

Facebook users noticed the similarity when police posted surveillance camera footage of a man carrying a carton of cans from a restaurant in Blackpool, northwest England.

The footage was even seen by David Schwimmer, the actor who played Geller. Schwimmer posted a video on Twitter of himself holding a carton of beer in a convenience store and acting suspiciously.

Schwimmer wrote: “officers, I swear it wasn’t me. As you can see, I was in New York.” He wished police well with the investigation.

Lancashire police later confirmed that “David Schwimmer was in America on this date”

Britain’s Daily star newspaper ran a story about Schwimmer’s look-alike under the headline “I’ll Beer There For You, ” a play on the theme song to Friends.

look-alike そっくりさん
shoplifter 万引き犯
resemble ~と似ている
similarity 類似点
footage ビデオ
suspiciously 怪しそうに
swear 誓う
investigation 操作







イギリスの新聞『デイリー・スター』は、「フレンズ」のテーマソングにかけた言葉遊びで「I’ll Beer There for You」という見出しをつけて、シュワイマーさんのそっくりさんについての話題を掲載した。

Japan News:

Human produce “stress smell” similar to onions

Japanese cosmetics maker Shiseido Co. has found that human bodies produce a distinctive odor that is similar to that of an onion or a long onion when they come under stress.

Shiseido said it plans to use the discovery to develop new personal care products designed to eliminate odors, with the hope of commercializing them around next spring.

In Japan, some people are very sensitive about body odors. The Tokyo-based company has gained know-how from developing deodorants and other anti-odor products.

In 1999, it discovered a substance called nonenal that causes an odor in middle-aged and elderly people.

distinctive 特有な
oddor 臭い
eliminate 除外する
commerializing 商品化する
sensitive 敏感な
know-how ノウハウ
deodrant デオドラント(体臭剤)
substance 物質






  New! Learning through News Videos
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-Learn expressions such as idioms and slang that is unique to culture, age, and business!
新しい英語表現: 文化・時代・ビジネスで使う特有なイディオム表現や俗語を覚えよう!
At stake「危機にさらされて」
I’m a little nervous about giving this presentation. There’s a lot at stake.



「at stake」で「危険にさらされて、掛かっている」の意味。「stake」は、「掛け金、賞金」の意味。似た表現で、「at risk」、「at hazard」、「in peril」などがある。「at stake」は、「何か価値のある物の損得がかかっている」というニュアンスで使われ、「at risk」、「at hazard」、「in peril」などは、「危機」の表現するために使われる。

Back to square one「振出しに戻る」
Our programmers identified what they thought the problem was with the software. After working for several hours, it turned out that the problem is something different. We are back to square one, unfortunately.



「back to square one」で「振出しに戻る」の意味。もともとは、すごろく遊びやボードゲームで、「最初のマスに戻る」の意味だったのが、ビジネスや様々な場面で使われるようになった。他にも、「back to the drawing board(振り出しに戻って)」、「start over from scratch(最初からやり直す、再出発する)」などがある。

ビシネス英会話 Backroom deal「裏取引、根回し」
I think they got the government contract because of a backroom deal.


  「backroom deal」で「裏取引、根回し」の意味。「back room」は「裏部屋」の意味で、他にも「the boys in the back room」「(政界の)黒幕」がある。

Check your understanding by selecting the correct answer below: 
Read each of the following of sentences and select the best answer. Print out this lesson plan and ask your teacher to assist you in understanding the grammar rules if you do not understand your mistakes..
Part V – Multiple Choice ( Incomplete Sentences )
1. Mr. Wong will travel to the management seminar in Singapore on ______ .
A. he
B. himself
C. him
D. his own
6. Highway 140 is not ______ by Exit 2A due to road construction.
A. occupied
B. accessible
C. exposed
D. possible
2. According to an informal survey, the sales goal set by the management team seems ______ to most of the staff.
A. realist
B. realism
C. realistic
D. realistically
7. Mr. Thomas and Ms. Vasquez ______ to work together on the market research project.
A. belonged
B. practiced
C. received
D. arrived
3. Because the packaging machines ______ break down on the assembly line, factory officials have decided to replace them.
A. repeat
B. repeatedly
C. repeated
D. repetition
8. Because of its ______ for outstanding customer service, Mei’s Hair Salon is the most popular business of its kind in the area.
A. approval
B. estimation
C. probability
D. reputation
4. Workers are ______ against entering laboratory without protective clothing and masks.
A. cautious
B. caution
C. cautiously
D. cautioned
9. Market researchers reported that customers were most impressed ______ the Vestra Coffeemaker’s delayed-start function.

A. by
B. beyond
C. for
D. since
5. Ms. Gupta wishes to ______ the terms of her employment contract before signing it.
A. deprive
B. respond
C. modify
D. assure
10. By the time the magazine article on home security devices ______ on the newsstands, the pricing information was already outdated.
A. appears
B. appeared
C. will appear
D. appearing
Check your answers!


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NEW! – Learning Western Cultures and Humors through Jokes!!

Wise Farmer

At an old chapel, all locals and remote people used to come up for Sunday services. One time it was snowing heavily outside and no one came to chapel except one. A farmer came several miles to the chapel in snow.

Now there were only two people at chapel, one was a minister and the other was the farmer. Seeing that there is only one person in the audience, the minister said “I am not sure if it’s worth proceeding with the services. Had we better go to our warm houses and have hot drinks?”, expecting that the farmer would agree with him.

The farmer said “well, I am just a simple farmer. ”

The farmer continued “but when I go to feed my herd and If only one turns up for food, I surely don’t leave him hungry.”

The priest felt ashamed and started to deliver his services. The priest recited hymns and readings. The service lasted for a couple of hours.

Finishing proudly, the priest felt very happy and thanked the farmer for the lesson that – no matter how small the need is, our duties remain and we should complete our duties.

The priest asked the farmer “was that ok?” as they are leaving the chapel.”

The farmer replied, “Well, I am just a simple farmer. But when I go to feed my herd and only one turns up for food, I surely don’t force the one to eat everything I bought for the whole heard…”

【日本語訳】 賢い農夫