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World News

Scientists help paralyzed mice to walk again

German researchers have enabled mice paralyzed after spinal cord injuries to walk again, re-establishing a neural link previously considered irreparable in mammals by using a designer protein injected into the brain.

Spinal cord injuries in humans, often caused by sports or traffic accidents, leave them paralyzed because not all of the nerve fibers that carry information between muscles and the brain are able to grow back.

But the researcher, from Ruhr University Bochum, managed to stimulate the paralyzed mice’s nerve cells to regenerate using a designer protein.

The paralyzed rodents that received the treatment started walking after two to three weeks, the researchers said.

paralyzed マヒした
spinal cord injuries 骨髄損傷
irreparable 修復不可能な
designer protein 人工タンパク質
injected into the brain 脳に注射する
stimulate 刺激する






Japan News:

Japan gets deer-friendly bags to stop animals eating plastic

Japan’s famed Nara deer have been considered national treasures for decades – but some of the tourists who flock to see them leave behind a trail of potentially deadly plastic waste.

Last year, one deer was found with more than 4kg of rubbish in its stomach.Fed up, a group of locals have come up with a solution: a paper bag made with rice bran that the deer can digest.

Nara Park is home to more than 1,200 free-roaming deer, who are protected by law.

Visitors are allowed to feed them specially-made sugar-free crackers, which do not come in plastic packaging. However, many visitors are believed to feed the deer other snacks, discarding food wrappers along the way.

The deer then smell the bags, think they are food and eat them.

flock 集まる
digest 消化する
free-roaming 自由に歩き回っている、野生の







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On the ball「有能な、呑み込みの早い」
“Wow, you’ve already finished your assignments? They aren’t due until next week, you’re really on the ball. I wish I could be as productive.


「on the ball」を直訳すると「ボールの上に乗っかっている」という意味ですが、「物事の飲み込みがとても速く、ある状況において反応が素早い(しかも正しい)、有能だ」という意味になります。例えば、結婚式が一年後なのに既に全ての段取りを終えていたら、それほど準備の早い人はそうそういませんから、あなたは「on the ball」だということになります。
Get over something「乗り越える、克服する」
“How’s Paula? Has she gotten over the death of her dog yet?”
“I think so. She’s already talking about getting a new one.”


「get over…」は文字通り「…(フェンスなどの障害物)を乗り越える」の意味もありますがフレーズとしては「(病気や困難など)を乗り越える、克服する」の意味で使われます。失恋した際、最初の内は辛いものですが時間が癒してくれますよね。「get over him/her」はそんな時に使って「もう吹っ切れた」という意味になります。また「get over an illness」で「病気を克服し、完全に回復した」という意味でも使われます。
ビシネス英会話 Look like a million dollars/bucks
“Wow, Mary, you look like a million dollars/bucks this evening. I love your dress!”


「look like a million dollars」は直訳すると「百万ドルみたいに見える」という意味ですが、お金持ちだという意味ではなく、「とても素敵で魅力的だ」と言いたいときに使います。このイディオムは男性に対して使われることもありますが、一般的には女性を褒めるときに使います。普段から素敵な人でも、結婚式や特別なイベントなどののために手をかけて準備しているときに言うと良い言葉です。
NEW! – Learning Western Cultures and Humors through Jokes!!
Bad Date

Ana sets up her friend Jenny for a blind date.

Before she goes out of her house, Jenny calls Ana,

“Listen girl, my date’s here so I only have a minute. Call me after thirty minutes so I have an alibi in case it’s going bad and I have to bail. Okay? Thanks!”

After thirty minutes, Jenny was anxious to get that call from Ana.

As if on cue, the phone rings.

After a quick and mum conversation, she puts the phone down and sighs,
“I’m so sorry, but there’s been an emergency. My sister is sick and I need to bring her to the hospital right now. I have to go.”

With a big smile on his face, the date exclaimed,
“No worries! In a few more minutes my dog was going to get run over by a bus.”