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World News

Scientists grow plants in soil from the moon

That’s one small pot of soil, one giant leap for man’s knowledge of space agriculture. Scientist have for the first time grown plants in lunar soil brought back by astronauts in the Apollo program.

The ground-breaking experiment, detailed in the journal communications Biology, has given researchers hope that it may be possible to one day grow plants directly on the moon.

That would save future space missions much hassle and expense, facilitating longer and farther trips.

For their experiment, the researchers used just 12 grams (a few teaspoons) of lunar soil collected from various spots on the moon during the Apollo 11, 12 and 17 missions.

soil 土、土壌
space agriculture 宇宙農業
lunar 月の
ground-breaking 革新的な、画期的な
the journal communications Biology 学術雑誌「コミュニケーション・バイオロジー」
hassle 面倒な[困った・イライラさせられる]こと
facilitating… …を容易にすることで
月の砂で植物栽培 – 米大学




Japan News:

Ocean adventurer Kenichi Horie becomes world’s oldest to sail solo across Pacific

Japanese ocean adventurer Kenichi Horie on June 4 became the world’s oldest person to make a solo, nonstop 8,500-kilometer voyage across the Pacific in a yacht.

Hoeie, 83, reached the Kii Channel, which separates Wakayama and Tokushima prefectures, on the Suntory Mermaid Ⅲ, his 6-meter long, one-ton boat at 2:39 AM after setting sail from San Francisco on March 27.

“I’m very happy that I was able to return home without major problems.” He said by phone. “I’m grateful for the support I received from you all.”

The sailboat, which passed by Hawaii in April, utilized solar panels for electricity needs on board, and Hiroe used a satellite phone to speak with his staff and others on land.

The voyage traced a similar route to the one he made 60 years ago when he became the first yachtsman to cross the Pacific along with no port calls, from Japan to San Francesco.

Horie said he wants to keep challenging himself until he becomes a centenarian.

Pacific 太平洋
nonstop ノンストップの、直行(便)の
voyage 航海、船旅
Channel 海峡、運河
utilize 利用する、活用する
yachtsman ヨットマン
centenarian 100歳の

ヨット太平洋横断に成功 世界最高齢






New! Learning through News Videos
Business English Expression and Phrases <ビジネス英会話フレーズ>
-Learn expressions such as idioms and slang that is unique to culture, age, and business!
新しい英語表現: 文化・時代・ビジネスで使う特有なイディオム表現や俗語を覚えよう!
give some context「(背景や状況などを)説明する」
When placing an order with a supplier, unless you give some context about things at our end, they will not know exactly what to do.


move the goal post「(都合よく)後から条件を変える。」
Wait a minute. As usual, it’s likely the board will move the goalposts and overturn those decisions, so just draft that document in point form for now.


ビシネス英会話 Crash course「集中講義、短期集中講座、特訓コース」
After transferring to the marketing department, I got a crash course in how to use social media for advertising.


NEW! – Learning Western Cultures and Humors through Jokes!!
Water Anyone?

An Arab was walking through the Sahara desert, desperate for water, when he saw something, far off in the distance. Hoping to find water, he walked towards the image, only to find a little old Jewish man sitting at a card table with a bunch of neckties laid out on it.

The Arab asked “Please, I’m dying of thirst, can I have some water?”

The man replied “I don’t have any water, but why don’t you buy a tie? Here’s one that goes nicely with your robes.”

The Arab shouted, “I don’t want a tie, you idiot, I need water!”

“OK, don’t buy a tie. But to show you what a nice guy I am, I’ll tell you that over that hill there, about 4 miles, is a nice restaurant. Walk that way, they’ll give you all the water you want.”

The Arab thanked him and walked away towards the hill and eventually disappeared.

Three hours later the Arab came crawling back to where the man was sitting behind his card table. He said “I told you, about 4 miles over that hill. Couldn’t you find it?”

The Arab rasped “I found it alright. They wouldn’t let me in without a tie.”




ユダヤ人の男性は応えました。「水はないですけど、ネクタイを買いませんか? これだったらあたなのローブと合いますよ。」