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World’s smallest escape room will trap you and a friend in neighboring coffins

Spanish company Horror Box has introduced a live-action puzzle game that will trap you in a coffin. The company says the game in Barcelona is the world’s smallest escape room.It’s called “Catalepsy,” after a medical condition that is sometimes mistaken for death.

In the game, two players are trapped in neighboring coffins, and have 30 minutes to free themselves. They communicate via loudspeakers to solve puzzles.

They are monitored over CCTV cameras by game master Aurora Alvarino, who defined an escape room as “a gym for the mind.” She said Catalepsy aimed to recreate “a situation that sooner or later we’ll all experience: your own funeral.”

The fear of being buried alive was widespread in the 19th century. It is the basis of The Premature Burial, a short story by Edgar Allan Poe.

free oneself
CCTV camera
buried alive



脱出部屋が「知能のためのジム」であると定義したゲームマスター、Aurora Alvarinoによって、プレイヤーは監視カメラで監視されている。Aurora Alvarinoは、キャタレプシーの目的は「私たちが全員、遅かれ早かれ経験する状況:あなた自身の葬式」を再現することだと述べた。


Japan News

Mount Fuji climbers to face 2,000 yen fee at Yamanashi trail as tourism rises

Some people climbing Mount Fuji will have to pay a ¥2,000 fee from this summer to ease congestion, the Yamanashi prefectural government said on Feb. 1. The fee is for climbers using the Yamanashi Prefecture trail. It is the most commonly used trail to climb Japan’s tallest peak.

The move comes amid growing concerns over unsafe climbing practices such as “bullet climbing.” Bullet climbers try to reach the summit for sunrise in one go without sleeping overnight on the mountain.

“Keeping the number of climbers in check is an urgent task as we observe overcrowding,” Yamanashi Gov. Kotaro Nagasaki said at a news conference.

The prefecture said on Feb. 1 it will build a shelter for protection from flying rocks. It also said it will cap the number of climbers to 4,000 per day.

in one go
富士山の通行料一人2,000円で調整 混雑解消のため





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But I wasn't listening—my brain had stalled.


stallは「行き詰まる、失速する、(エンジン/車などが)動かなくなる→停止する」。他に、Our plan has stalled.「われわれの計画はとん挫している」、The bus stalled in the middle of the road.「バスが道路の真ん中で動かなくなった」のように使う。形容詞はstalled「立ち往生している、行き詰まった」、名詞はstall「(車の)エンスト、(飛行機の)失速」。「エンスト」は、engine stallが語源。

brace for ~
I was bracing for the sentence that would follow that phrase, which experience has taught me probably wouldn't be good.


brace for ~は「~に身構える/備える、~に対して気を引き締める」。他に、brace for trouble/impact/protest「トラブル/衝撃/抗議に備える」などのように使う。brace oneself for ~「~(=不快・困難なこと)に備える、~に対して心の準備をする」という決まった表現もある。例えば、You have to brace yourself for some bad news.「あなたは悪い知らせを覚悟しなければならない」や、brace oneselfのみを用いて、Brace yourself!「覚悟しろよ!」のように使う。

creep into~
Certain phrases just seem to creep into our daily speech.


 creep into~は「~にいつのまにか紛れ込む/そっと忍び込む、~に這って入る」。他に、His personal bias crept into his essay.「彼の個人的偏見が彼のエッセイに入り込んでいた」、The political message started to creep into our mind.「その政治的メッセージは私たちの心に入り込み始めた」のように使う。  なお、形容詞creepyは「ぞくぞくする、気味が悪い、身の毛もよだつような」という意味。例えば、This place is creepy.「この場所は気味が悪い」、I feel a bit creepy.「ちょっと気味が悪いんだけど」のように使う。同義語に、spooky「不気味な、薄気味悪い」、eerie「不気味な、薄気味悪い、異常な」、freaky「奇妙な、ぞっとさせるような」などがある。

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Once a farmer bought a roasted chicken and a bottle of fresh fruit juice as gift to his Landlord. Landlord wanted to send these things to his home, so he called his servant.

Landlord was cunning and didn’t want his servant to know about food. So while giving him those things he said, “Take these to my home but remember not to remove cloth or the bird will fly away and don’t open the buttle as it is filled with poison even if you sniff you will die. Understand?”

The servant nodded.

The servant knew his master very well and got suspicious. So on his way home, the servant found a comfortable corner and sat down with things. When he removed the cloth, he saw roasted chicken and a bottle of juice

He ate the whole chicken and drank all the juice.

Meanwhile, the landlord reached his house and he asked him wife to serve the food during the lunch.

His wife said, “Wait for some time, food isn’t prepared yet.”

Landlord said, “Give me the chicken and a bottle of juice I sent. That will be enough.”

His wife replied that his servant hasn’t come home yet. Landlord got very angry and without saying anything or eating, he went back to his workplace to check on his servant.

On reaching workplace, he saw that the servant was sleeping peacefully.

Landlord woke him up, shouting, “Where are the things I gave you to bring home?”

The Servant innocently replied, “Master, while I was going home, there was so much wind that cloth covering the bird flew away and as you said as soon as the cloth flew, a bird also flew away.

Seeing this I got afraid that you would punish me, so I opened the bottle and drank poison and Now here I am waiting for death to come.