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World News

4 Argentine friends to cycle from South Africa to Qatar to attend World Cup

Four Argentine friends will cycle 10,500 kilometers from South Africa to Qatar to support their country at the soccer World Cup in November. Their ride will also help plant 10,500 new trees in Argentina.

Lucas Ledezma, Leandro Blanco Pighi, Silvio Gatti and Sebastian Rodriguez are all from the province of Cordoba. They will start cycling on May 15 from Cape Town to Doha. The journey will cross 15 countries in two continents and take six months..

“The idea is to arrive about four or five days before the opening match starts in Doha,” said Ledezma, a 34-year-old physical education teacher. Argentina are scheduled to play their first World Cup match on Nov. 22 against Saudi Arabia.

The trip will also help the environment. For each kilometer traveled, a tree will be planted in the mountains of Cordoba.

plant 植える
are scheduled to… …する予定である
アルゼンチン人グループ、自転車でカタールW 杯へ 南アから約1万キロの旅




Japan News:

Humanoid robot to tackle risky railway tasks

In response to Japan’s labor shortage, West Japan Railway Co. is developing humanoid robots to handle maintenance and construction work, specializing in dangerous places. The railway operator hopes to officially put the robots to work in the spring of 2024.

The robots were jointly developed by JR West, Man-Machine Synergy Effectors Inc. and Nippon Signal Co., a provider of advanced railroad infrastructure services.

The railway has been mechanizing routine maintenance jobs that pose a risk to workers, such as checking the wires above train cars and other electrical jobs. It plans to reduce the number of human workers doing dangerous tasks by around 30%.

humanoid 人間の形をしたもの[ロボット]
in response to… …に対応して
labor shortage 労働力不足
specialzing in… …に特化した
infrastructure 基礎[下部]構造
mechanize 機械化する
pose 引き起こす、もたらす





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It is what it is.「仕方がないことだ。」
Unfortunately, it is what it is, no matter what you have to say about it.


What it isは「そういうもの」を意味するため、直訳すると「それはそういうものである=仕方ない」となります。
tell it like it is「ズバズバ言う、正直に言う」
She tells it like it is, and her opinion is always right on the mark.


<like + S + V>は、「SがVする通りに」なるので、like it isは「それがある状態の通り(=そのまま)」という意味です。ゆえに「それをそのまま言う=正直に言う」となります。
ビシネス英会話 get off track「(本題や予定から)それる、ズレる」
This might be getting off track a bit, but shouldn’t we also discuss the problem that arose last night?


Offは、「(ある状態から)外れて、離れて」を、trackは「進路」を意味するため、off trackは「進路から外れた」状態を意味します。よって、get off trackは「脱線する」ことを意味し、そこから「(話題や予定から)それる、ズレる」という意味になります。同じ意味でgo off trackも使われます。
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Message from Heaven

Two middle-aged men sit on a park bench and talk about what they think heaven will be like. As a baseball lover, one man says to the other, “I REALLY hope there’s baseball to be played in the heaven! That would make everything worth it.”

The other man replies, “It sure would, I haven’t been able to play baseball in years but would love the chance to play in heaven.

Tragically, the next day one of the men has a heart attack and dies. Devasted, his friend returns to the same park bench and weeps for hours. That evening the man hears a voice speaking to him saying, “Hey! It’s me! Guess what!?”

Thrilled to hear his old friends voice, he replies, “Oh my gosh is that you?! You gotta tell me: what’s heaven like?”

“Well I’ve got some really really great news, and I also have some not-so-great news… But there IS baseball in heaven,” he spoke excitedly.

The man on the bench was so happy he nearly screamed, “That’s the best news ever! What could POSSIBLY the bad news?”

The voice responds, “You are pitching on Tuesday…”