Grammar Self Study – Past Perfect(過去完了形)

Past Perfect – (had + past participle)
(Print this assignment out first. Then, come back and click each drop down menu list to check your answers.)
Directions: Read each of the following situations and complete the accompanying sentence with the words in parenthesis ( ). Remember to use only Past Perfect form.
1. You went to your boss’s office but his secretary said that he went out to lunch.
(My boss/ already/ go out) ___________________________________________.
2. After many years of not visiting your hometown, you went back to find many things changed.
(It/ change/ a lot) ___________________________________________.
3. I offered my student something to drink, but she was not thirsty.
(She/ just/ drink/ bottle of tea) ___________________________________________.
4. It was nice to see my best friend again after such a long time.
(I/ not/ see/ 2 years) ___________________________________________.
5. You went to the movies last night, but you got there late.
(the movie/ already/ begin) ___________________________________________.
6. You called Emma at 5pm but she was studying. You called her back at 9pm and she said she just stopped studying at 8pm.
(She/ study/ 3 hours) ___________________________________________.
For each situation, write a sentence ending with " never …. before ". Use the word in parenthesis ( ) with the Past Perfect form.
1. Last week, you flew to Japan from the U.S. The man next to you appeared very nervous and scared.
He probably ___________________________ (fly) in his life.
2. When I was at Shinjuku station yesterday, a woman I didn’t know came up and talked to me.
Prior to yesterday, I ____________________________ (see)
3. Last year, we ate sashimi for the very first time when we came to Japan.
We __________________________ (eat) coming to Japan.