Grammar Self Study – (過去形2)


(Print this assignment out first. Then, come back and click each drop down menu list to check your answers.)
Directions: A friend has just come back from a vacation. Based on the following words, write questions to ask your friend about his/her experience using the simple past tense form. :
1. (where/go?) Where did you go?
2. (go/alone?)
3. (food/good?)
4. (how long/stay there?)
5. (stay at a hotel?)
6. (how/travel?)
7. (the weather/fine?)
8. (what/do in the evenings?)
9. (meet anybody interesting?)
Complete the sentences. Put the verb into the correct form (Simple or Continuous), positive or negative.
1. It was warm, so I ______________ off my coat. (take)
2. The film wasn’t very good. I ______________ it very much. (enjoy)
3. I knew Sarah was very busy, so I ______________ her. (disturb)
4. I was very tired, so I ______________ to bed early. (go)
5. The bed was very uncomfortable. I ______________ very well. (sleep)
6. Sue wasn’t hungry, so she ______________ anything. (eat)
7. We went to Kate’s house but she ______________ at home. (be)
8. It was a funny situation but nobody ______________ . (laugh)
9. The window was open and a bird ______________ into the room. (fly)
10. The hotel wasn’t very expensive. It ______________ very much. (cost)
11. I was in a hurry, so I ______________ time to call you. (have)
12. It was hard work carrying the bags. They ______________ very heavy. (be)