Check your understanding by selecting the correct answer below: 
Read each of the following of sentences and select the best answer. Print out this lesson plan and ask your teacher to assist you in understanding the grammar rules if you do not understand your mistakes..
Part V – Multiple Choice ( Incomplete Sentences )
1. Fulsome Flowers’ delivery vans must be returned promptly to the store ______ the scheduled deliveries have been completed.
A. once
B. soon
C. often
D. usually
6. Ms. Oh’s proposal highlights a ______ strategy for decreasing the company’s transportation costs in the coming year.
A. surrounding
B. securing
C. relative
D. comprehensive
2. To ensure stability and safety, it is important to follow the instructions ______ when assembling the office bookshelves.
A. exactly
B. exact
C. exactness
D. exacting
7. To receive ______ updates regarding your journal subscription status, please provide an e-mail address on the order form.
A. period


C. periodicals
D. periodic
3. At the Podell Automotive plant, Ms. Krystle ______ workers who install rebuilt engines in vehicles
A. conducts
B. explains
C. invests
D. oversees
8. ______ when they are away conducting business, members of the sales team are usually available by e-mail.
A. Both
B. Even
C. Ahead
D. Whether
4. Yakubu Logistics will expand the warehouse loading area in preparation for an ______in shopping activity.
A. increased
B. increase
C. increases
D. increasingly

There is a coffee machine ______ located on the second floor of the Tabor building.

A. conveniently
B. slightly
C. considerably
D. eventually
5. The High Performance weather gauge is ______ accurate in measuring the level of humidity in the air.
A. surprising
B. surprisingly
C. surprised
D. surprises
10. The editor granted Ms. Porter a deadline ______ so that some information in her building renovations report could be updated.
A. extended
B. extensive
C. extension
D. extends