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You can read the article below and use it in your lessons to discuss with your teacher. — この記事を読んで先生とレッスンで話し合おう!
Japan News:

"Governors oppose TEPCO’s planned hike in electricity charges "

Governors of Tokyo and nine other nearby prefectures said Wednesday they regard Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s planned hike in electricity charges as "extremely regrettable" and urged the utility to accelerate efforts to rationalize its operations first.

Tokyo Electric is planning to raise electricity charges for companies by 17 percent on average from April and hopes

to raise rates for household users as well to cope with surging fuel costs in boosting thermal power generation in the wake of the crisis at its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

oppose 案・計画・申し出などに〕反対{はんたい}する
英語ポイント regard 〈文〉注視{ちゅうし}、凝視{ぎょうし}
英語ポイント hike 引き上げる
英語ポイント rationalize 合理的{ごうりてき}に考える、合理的{ごうりてき}に説明{せつめい}する
英語ポイント to cope with 〔困難{こんなん}・問題{もんだい}など〕に立ち向かう


Is TEPCO within their rights to increase electricity rates for companies? Individuals?






Japan News Stories:

"Olympus Scandal calls for law revision for Corporations"

Former senior executives at Olympus Corp. were arrested by prosecutors Feb. 17 on suspicion of violating the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law by covering up massive investment losses in the company’s financial reports.

Among those arrested were people not employed by Olympus Corp. who nonetheless served as advisors to those inside the company.

We hope that in addition to pursuing the criminal responsibility of such figures, authorities will initiate a full-scale investigation to uncover the complex and sophisticated manner in which the cover-ups were apparently carried out for so many years, and help restore confidence in the Japanese market.

Former Olympus Corp. Chairman and President Tsuyoshi Kikukawa and two other former Olympus executives are suspected of joining hands with four outside collaborators to overstate the company’s assets by approximately 110 billion yen each in financial reports for the fiscal years ending in March 2007 and March 2008.

former 前の、先の
英語ポイント on suspicion of ~の疑い[嫌疑{けんぎ}・容疑{ようぎ}]で、~の疑いを掛けられて
英語ポイント nonetheless それにもかかわらず、それでもなお、とはいえ
英語ポイント pursue 追跡{ついせき}する、追いかける
英語ポイント cover up 上に羽織{はお}る衣服{いふく}、上っ張り


How long should executives be sentenced to jail for white collar crimes? Is concealing corporate losses equivalent to directly robbing people (shareholders)?








US News:

" The American Dream – Linderella !"

Imagine.. Imagine for a minute that everybody tells you that you "can’t do it" or "it is impossible". Do you push forward and pursue your passion and prove the world wrong or do you accept the reality that you are just ordinary?

Welcome to the "Linderella" story! From being a "nobody" with all odds against you to becoming a worldwide star and inspiration in a short stretch of 2 weeks, one person is showing the world that there really are no barriers when you believe in yourself.

In the competitive world of professional sports namely NBA basketball, Jeremy Lin is a motivating force for all individuals young and old. Not only does he transcend sports, he is becoming the ultimate role model for the "little guy". He is singlehandedly transforming "faith" in hard work and bringing to light "racial" bigotry in the United States.
push forward 〔押しのけて〕前へ進む、突き進む
英語ポイント inspiration 〔創造的思考{そうぞう てき しこう}に対する〕刺激{しげき}、鼓舞{こぶ}
英語ポイント transcend 〔限界{げんかい}などを〕超える、超越{ちょうえつ}する
英語ポイント bigotry 偏狭{へんきょう}な考え、偏見{へんけん}、頑固{がんこ}


What motivates you to pursue your passion? Do you strive more when everyone tells you you can not do something or do you give up?




  New! CNN Student News リスニング力を試そう!
Business English Expression and Phrases <ビジネス英会話フレーズ>
-Learn expressions such as idioms and slang that is unique to culture, age, and business!
新しい英語表現: 文化・時代・ビジネスで使う特有なイディオム表現や俗語を覚えよう!

–Hiroko and Sam meet again to plan their negotiation with the Legal department. They discuss the issues and determine their opening position.–

Sam: Hiroko, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to make Shinji and Bruce split a cubicle. There may not be enough space with all of technical manuals.
Hiroko: Well, let’s try to nab this cubicle from Legal. It’s full of cabinets.
Sam: Why would Legal give it up? What’s their incentive?
Hiroko: They have books and files stacked on the floor now. How about trading some of our cabinets in the corridor for cubicle space? We need desk space more than cabinets. Legal needs cabinets more than desk space. It’s win-win.
Sam: Hmm. How many cabinets can we afford to lose?
Hiroko: Let’s offer them four and see if they go for it.
Sam: That’s our opening position, but how many are we really willing to concede?
Hiroko: Six is the max, but keep that under your hat.
Sam: Got it!


上記の会話の日本語訳はこちらをクリック’(印刷可): JAPANESE VERSION
split share equally 動・・・分ける、共有する
Nab take 動・・・取る
Stacked piled, arranged vertically 形・・・山積した
Opening Position first offer, starting point 名・・・交渉における最初の提案
Concede give up, accept a loss 動・・・交渉する、(権利
Go for it initiate or advance in doing something (take action) 頑張ってやってみる
This Month’s "Janglish" : 今回はProcessとStepの違いの使い方を解説します。

–This section will cover a broad range of different grammar rules and explanations to help you understand sentence structure and improve awareness of English grammar.
How to use adjectives/adverbs: Quick VS Quickly
Check your understanding of adjectives/adverbs: 
Read each of the following of sentences and select the best answer. Print out this lesson plan and ask your teacher to assist you in understanding the grammar rules.
1 We were not able to go swimming because it was raining (heavy / heavily)
2 Our team lost the match because we played (bad / badly)
3 We had so much fun during our vacation the time passed by (quick / quickly).
4 Jeremy is a very (careful / carefully) driver.
5 Everybody at the party was (colorful / colorfully) dressed.
6 Don’t climb that ladder! It doesn’t look (safe / safely).
7 Michael stays in great shape by excercising (regular / regularly).
8 We did not swim because the weather was (bad / badly).
9 There was a (sudden / suddenly) change in the weather.
10 Why do you always look so (serious / seriously)?
Moderate level exercises: Adverb vs Adjective
Read each of the following of sentences and write the appropriate form of the adjective/adverb as needed. Print out this lesson plan and ask your teacher to assist you in understanding the grammar rules.
careful(ly) complete(ly) continuous(ly) quick(ly) special(ly)
poor(ly) nervous(ly) perfect(ly) financial(ly) fluent(ly)
1 John’s report was ____________ written. There were many grammatical errors.
2 Jennifer is very ____________ when she drives. She never takes any risks.
3 I’d like to take a vacation, but it’s ____________ impossible for me at the moment.
4 Do you usually feel ____________ on first dates?
5 I am studying English because I would like to become as ____________ as possible.
6 The library is the best place to study if you like ____________ silence.
7 Happy Valentine’s day! I made this ____________ for you!
8 I prefer custom suits rather than buying off the rack. They fit me ____________.
9 Shinichi is a workaholic. He is ____________ busy all the time.
10 The new staff picks up new skills quite easily. She is a ____________ learner.
Difficult level exercises: Adjective vs Adverb
Each of the sentences below contain errors either with grammar, word order, or idea. Rewrite the sentences correctly.
1 I thought the restaurant would be expensive, but it was cheap reasonably.
2 Janice’s mother is ill seriously in the hospital.
3 I love your new apartment! It is so decoratedly nice.
4 Tanaka san did very well on his exams because he studied hardly.
5 Adam is generally a talkative person but he is quiet unusually today.
6 The movie was unnecessary long. It could have been much shorter.
7 When I visited my hometown after a period of more than 25 years, I noticed that everything had complete changed.
8 There was a badly accident on the highway. Two people were bad injured.
9 The meeting was an utterly failure. We could have done more to proper prepare for it.
10 It’s a reasonable cheap restaurant with extreme delicious food.
Check your answers!
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NEW! – Do you think TEPCO is justifiable in raising electricity rates?
新着! – 東京電力が電気代を上げる事は正当だと思いますか?

(Anthony 46y.o. male UK):

I understand the need to raise rates given the current shortage of electrical generating facilities due to the numerous closures of nuclear power reactors. However, I think both TEPCO and the government should improve how they communicate their policy changes to the people in general. Clearly explain via media outlets how the need to increase has arisen as well as if this will be a permanent or temporary increase. Furthermore, what changes will be implemented to bring these costs down if ever.





(Cynthia 22y.o. female Australia):

Is it me or does it seem unfair for a privatized company to control a sector of utilities especially since TEPCO is the only player in this market? In a competetive market, consumers would have the option to select competing suppliers of electricity. I do not think they have any right to increase prices but what choice do we as consumers have? We just have to swallow what they give us.





(Stephen 36y.o. male US)

To be perfectly honest, I feel companies always either increase/decrease prices when there are fluctuations in supply/demand. The nature of any "traditional" business is to maximize profits either by increasing revenues or cutting expenses. TEPCO, however, is not a business in the traditional sense since they face no competition and are in fact a monopilistic organization thereby leaving consumers with no alternative.

I personally think the company should be allowed to go bankrupt paving way for either the government to take control or private investors to break up the company to smaller entities.

In absence of a complete TEPCO bankruptcy, the government will at the very least need to intervene in forcing TEPCO management to provide evidence of how they have reduced costs to become more efficient. Have bonuses been cut or salaries reduced? Have all avenues been examined to decrease overhead? Only after corporate restructuring has been fully utilized can they expect consumers to accept their increase in prices.