Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 10 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 10 (English)
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To make sure: to be sure, to ascertain (also: to make certain).
Now and then: occasionally, sometimes (also: from time to time, once in a while). Both ‘now and then’ and ‘once in awhile’ can be preceded by the adjective ‘every’. Another idiom with the same meaning and form is ‘every so often’.
To get rid of: to eliminate, to remove; to discard, to throw away.
Every other (one): every second (one), alternate (ones).
To go with: to match, to compare well in colour or design often used with this idiom (also: to go together). Adverbs such as ‘well’ and ‘poorly’ are often used with this idiom.
First-rate: excellent, superb.
To come from: to originate from. This idiom is commonly used in discussions of one’s hometown, state, or country.
To make good time: to travel a sufficient distance at a reasonable speed. The adjective ‘excellent’ can also be used.
to mix up: to stir or shake well; to confuse, to bewilder. For the second definition, the passive forms ‘to be mixed up’ or ‘to get mixed up’ are often used.
To see about: to give attention or time to (also: to attend to, to see to).
To make an impression: to influence another person’s opinion of oneself (also: tp leave an impression). This idiom is usually seperated by an adjective such as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.
By heart: by memorizing.
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