Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 7 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 7 (English)
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To point out: to show, to indicate, to bring to one’s attention.
To be up: to expire, to be finished. This idiom is used only with the word ‘time’ as a the subject.
To be over: to be finished, to end (also: to be through).
On time: exactly at the correct time, punctually.
In time to: before the time necessary to do something.
To get better, worse, etc.: to become better, worse, etc. Tis idiom is often used with adjectives such as ‘any’ and ‘much’.
To get sick, well, tired, busy, wet, etc.: to become sick, well, tired, busy, wet, etc. This idiom consistes of a combination of ‘get’ and various adjectives.
Had better: should, ought to, be advisable to. This idiom is most often used in contracted form (I’d better).
Would rather: prefer to (also: would just as soon).
To call it a day / night: to stop working for the rest of the day / night.
To figure out: to solve, to find a solution, to understand.
To think of: to have a (good or bad) opinion of. This idiom is often used in the negative or with adjectives such as ‘much’ and ‘highly’.
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