Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 15 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 15 (English)
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Inside out: with the inside facing the outside.
Upside down: with the upper side turned toward the lower side.
To fill in: to write answers in; to inform, to tell. For the second definition, the idiom can be followed by the preposition ‘on’ and the information that someone is told.
To fill out: to complete a form. This idiom is very similar to the first definition. ‘To fill in’ referes to completing various parts of a form, while ‘to fill out’ refers to completing a form as one item.
To take advantage of: to use well, to profit from; to use another person’s weaknesses to gain what one wants.
No matter: regardless of. This idiom is a shortened form of ‘it doesn’t matter’. It is followed by a question word such as how, where, when, who, etc.
To take up: to begin to do or study, to undertake; to occupy space, time or energy. For the second definition, in instances of time and energy, ‘take up’ is often shortened to ‘take’.
To take up with: to consult someone about an important matter. The important matter follows the verb ‘take’, while the person consulted follows ‘with’.
To take after: to resemble a parent or close relative (also: to look like, for physical appearance only)
In the long run: eventually, after a long period of time. This idiom is similar in meaning to ‘sooner or later’ (lesson 1). The difference is that ‘in the long run’ refers to mare extended period of time.
In touch: having contact. This idiom is often followed by ‘get, be, keep, or stay’.
Out of touch: not having contact; not having knowledge of.
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