Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 12 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 12 (English)
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Up to date: modern; current, timely. Hyphens (-) seperate the parts of this idiom when it precedes a noun form. The verb ‘to update’ derives from this idiom.
Out of date: not modern; not current, not timely; no longer available in published form. Again, hyphens seperate the parts of this idiom when it precedes a noun form. The passive verb ‘to be outdated’ derives from this idiom.
To blow up: to inflate, to fill with air; to explode, to destroy (or be destroyed) by explosion.
To catch fire: to begin to burn.
To burn down: to destroy completely by fire; to burn slowly, but completely (usually said of candles).
To burn up: to destroy completely by fire; to make angry or very annoyed (also: to tick off).
To burn out: to stop functioning because of overuse; to make tired from too much work.
Stands to reason: to be clear and logical. This idiom is almost always used with the pronoun subject ‘it’ and is followed by a ‘that’ clause.
To break out: to become widespread suddenly.
As for: regarding, concerning (also: as to).
For one thing: for example, for instance. This idiom is used when giving a detail to support a statement or opinion.
To feel sorry for: to pity, to feel compassion for (also: to take pity on).
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