Prepositions – IN , AT, TO, INTO, etc – Part I:前置詞(in,at,to,into等)

Read the following sentences and choose whether " At, In, To, Into " fits.
■下記の文章を読み、該当する前置詞を【 at, in, to, into】の中のいずれから選び文章を完成させなさい。
  1. I met my teacher _______ my way _______ work yesterday.
  2. It is very common for a 5 star hotel to show great effort in welcoming guests _______ their establishments.
  3. Are you going _______ your high school reunion?
  4. Being a hurricane researcher is dangerous work because it involves flying a helicopter _______ the eye of a storm.
  5. Steven was born _______ Tokyo but his family moved _______ the U.S. when he was only a year old.
  6. What time do you usually arrive _______ work? Do you go directly _______ the employee lounge to get coffee or immediately _______ your desk?
  7. Should we take the limousine bus _______ the airport?
  8. I think we will be stuck _______ traffic if we take the bus so I think it is better to take the Narita Express.
  9. We forgot our luggage _______ the airport because we were such in a rush to get home!
  10. Have you ever been _______ Egypt? I heard it is a very wonderful place since tourists can now go _______ the great pyramids!