Present Tense Review – Part I(現在形復習1)


(Print this assignment out first. Then, come back and click each drop down menu list to check your answers.)
Directions: Are the underlined verbs correct or incorrect? Correct the verbs that are wrong.
Water boils at 100 degrees celsius. RIGHT
The water boils. Can you turn it off? WRONG: is boiling
Look! That man tries to open the door of your car.
Can you hear those people? What do they talk about?
The moon goes round the Earth.
I must go now. It gets late.
I usually go to work by car.
“Hurry up! It’s time to leave.” “OK, I come.”
I hear you’ve got a new job. How do you get on?
Put the verb into the correct form that is best to fit the sentence: Present Simple or Present Continuous
1. Let’s go out. It isn’t raining (not/rain) now.
2. Emily is very good at languages. She speaks (speak) four languages very well.
3. Hurry up! Everybody ___________________ (wait) for you.
4. ” ___________________ (you/listen) to the radio?” “No, you can turn it off.”
5. ” ___________________ (you/listen) to the radio every day?” “No, just occassionally.”
6. The Nile River ___________________ (flow) into the Mediterranean.
7. Look at the river. It ___________________ (flow) very fast today-much faster than usual.
8. We usually ___________________ (grow) vegetables in our garden but this year we ___________________ (not/grow) any.
9. “How is your English?” “Not bad. It ___________________ (improve) slowly.”
10. Ron is in London at the moment. He ___________________ (stay) at the Park Hotel. He ___________________ (always/stay) there when he’s in London.
11. Can we stop walking soon? I ___________________ (start) to feel tired.
12. “Can you drive?””I ___________________ (learn). My father ___________________ (teach) me.”
13. Normally I ___________________ (finish) work at 5:00, but this week I ___________________ (work) until 6:00 to earn a bit more money.
14. My parents ___________________ (live) in Bristol. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else. Where ___________________ (your parents/live)?
15. Samantha ___________________ (look) for a place to live. She ___________________ (stay) with her sister until she finds somewhere.
16. “What ___________________ (your father/do)?” “He is an architect but he ___________________ (not/work) at the moment.”
17. (at a party) Usually I ___________________ (enjoy) parties but I ___________________ (not/enjoy) this one very much.
18. The train is never late. It ___________________ (always/leave) on time.
19. Jim is very neat and tidy. He ___________________ (never/leave) his things all over the place.

Read the first sentence and Finish B’s sentences. Use “always -ing” form in your answers .
A: I’m afraid I’ve lost my car keys again.
B: Not again! You’re always losing your key.
A: The car has broken down again.
B:That car is useless! It

A: Look! You’ve made the same mistake again.
B: Oh no, not again! I

A: Oh, I’ve left the lights on again.
B: Typical! You