Present Perfect Tense Review – Test Part I(現在完了形・復習テスト1)

Present Perfect Review Test – Part I
(Print this assignment out first. Then, come back and click each drop down menu list to check your answers.)
Directions: Read the following situations and write two sentences using the words in parenthesis ( ). Keep in mind when to use Simple and Continous perfect tenses.
1. John started reading a book two hours ago. He is still reading it and now he is on page 53.
  (read/for two hours) He has been reading for two hours.
(read/ 53 pages so far) He has read 53 pages so far.
2. Linda is from Australia. She is traveling round Europe at the moment. She began her tour three months ago.
  (travel/for three months) She
(visit/six countries so far)
3. Jim is a tennis player. He began playing when he was ten years old. This year he is national champion again-for the fourth time.
  (win/the national championship four times) Jim
(play/tennis since he was ten)
4. When they left college, Mary and Sue started making films together. They still make films.
  (make/ten films since they left college) They
(make/films since they left college)
For each situation, ask a question using the words in parenthesis with the appropriate "have" or "has" form.
1. You have a friend who is learning Arabic. You ask: (how long/learn/Arabic?)
How long ______________________________________?
2. You have just arrived to meet a friend. She is waiting for you. You ask: (how long/wait?)
3. You see somebody fishing by the river. You ask: (how many fish/catch?)
4. Some friends of yours are having a party next week. You ask: (how many people/invite?)
5. A friend of yours is a teacher. You ask: (how long/teach?)
6. You meet somebody who is a writer. You ask: (how many books/write?)
You ask: (how long/write/books?)
7. A friend of yours is saving money to go on holiday. You ask: (how long/save?)
You ask: (how much money/save?)