When and how do I give tips?

In restaurants how you tip your server depends on how you pay your bill. If the waiter brings your bill and says, “Please pay at the cashier,” then you calculate the tip and place it on the table before you leave. If the bill is placed on a small tray, then put the tip on the tray. It is more common for the server to place your bill on the table inside a folded cover. Check the calculations, then either place your credit card or the proper amount of cash inside the cover with one part sticking out. The server will know at a glance that you are ready and will come by your table and take it to the cashier. If you are paying by credit card, you can either include the tip on the credit slip and write in the total for meal and tip, or you can pay the tip in cash. If you pay in cash, you can wait for the waiter to return with your change and then leave the tip or leave sufficient money for the bill and the tip and depart the restaurant. In hotels, you tip the bellhop, the garage valet and the doorman as you separate. Never hold out money in your open palm or hand over dollar bills stretched out. Always fold the bills twice and hand them as if you were going to shake hands. The proficient receiver will accept the proffered money in his or her right hand while looking at you in the eye and say, “Thank you, sir.” or “Thank you, ma’am.” Gratuities for the chambermaid should be placed in one of the envelopes provided for guests. Write “Chambermaid” on the front of the envelope and leave it on the desk, night table or dresser––never under the pillow––when you check out.