Why is tipping necessary?

People who render personal services in hotels, restaurants and taxis are usually paid a minimum wage that is not intended to provide them with a living. These people depend on tips from customers and guests to make up for the deficit and if they give prompt, attentive, appropriate service then they merit a reasonable tip. The reason why they have pride in their work, is that they learn right then and there whether or not the service they have provided has satisfied their customers.

If a waiter gives poor service, and the problem is not actually the fault of the cook, then the waiter deserves no tip. But this is only if the service is terrible. On the other hand, if the waitress does everything she can to make your dinner enjoyable, then she deserves a tip of 15% or more.

Often when a party includes six or more persons, the restaurant will add a “service charge” to your bill. If this is the case, then it is not necessary to give a tip in addition.


Waiters or waitresses
10–15% of the bill before taxes are added
20% for excellent service in an elegant restaurant
Wine steward (sommelier)
15% of the wine bill or $2 per bottle (maximum of $5)
Head waiter (maitre d’)
none, except for special services (about $5)
Washroom attendants
$.50 to $1, placed in a tray or plate near the basins
No tip to musicians who stroll by; $1 for a request
Parking attendant
$1 for bringing your car
Cloakroom attendant (coat check)
$1 for one coat, $.50 for each additional coat

15–20% of the bar bill

10% for meals; $.25 for just coffee

$1 for calling a taxi from the taxi stand
$2 for going into the street to get you a taxi
$2 for help with putting luggage into your car or a taxi
$1 per each bag carried to your room
Room service waiter
15% of bill (in addition to the hotel fee for room service)
No tip for one night stay
$1 per room per day in an inexpensive hotel
$5 to $10 per week per person in elegant hotels
Valet parking
$1 each time your car is delivered ($2 in large cities)

Taxi driver
15 % of the fare (minimum of $.50)

15 % of charge (minimum of $1)

Beauty shops
15% of charge
$1–3 depending on total charge