Past vs Perfect – Grammar Review (Answers)

–This section will cover a broad range of different grammar rules and explanations to help you understand sentence structure and improve awareness of English grammar.
General Grammar review
Check your understanding by selecting the correct answer below: 
Read each of the following of sentences and select the best answer. Print out this lesson plan and ask your teacher to assist you in understanding the grammar rules if you do not understand your mistakes..
Tenses – Past Tense VS Perfect Tense (Easy)
1 (Did you see/ Have you seen) the news on television last night?
2 Where (were you / have you been) last night when I called?
3 Erica (wasn’t / hasn’t been) at work yesterday.
4 I’m looking for Susan. (Did / Have) you (see/ seen) him?
5 I (lost / have lost) my key last week.
6 I am so hungry! I (didn’t eat / haven’t eaten) anything since this morning.
7 John (graduated / has graduated) from college in 2009.
8 Who is that man talking to Sarah? I (didn’t meet/ haven’t met ) him before.
9 When I (got / have gotten) home last night, I (was/ have been) dead tired so I (went / have gone) straight to bed without taking a shower.
10 Susan: (Did you go / Have you gone) to the movies last night?
John: No, I (went / have gone) there two nights ago.
Answers: 1. Did you see 2. were you 3. wasn’t 4. Have/ seen 5. lost 6. Haven’t eaten 7. graduated 8. haven’t met 9. got / was / went 10. Did you go / went
Moderate level exercises:
Read each of the following of sentences and write the correct form of the verb in the blanks. Print out this lesson plan and ask your teacher to assist you in understanding the grammar rules.
Directions: Write the correct form of the verb in parenthesis using either the past tense or perfect tense ( did vs has/have done)
1 What time ___________________ (you/finish) work yesterday?
2 Jennifer ___________________ (not/ be) busy last week.
3 I’m sorry for not contacting you recently. I ___________________ (be) extremely busy for the last several days.
4 Jason lives in London. He ___________________ (live) there his entire life.
5 ___________________ (go / you) to the movies recently?
6 I could not read the letter because I ___________________ (have) my glasses with me.
7 As I ___________________ (forget) my keys at the office, I am unable to enter my home.
8 ___________________ (rent / they) a car during their vacation last month?
9 When you took the exam, ___________________ (have / you) time to finish it?
10 I think I mistakenly put my purse somewhere. ___________________ (see / you) it anywhere?
Answers: 1. did you finish 2. was not 3. have been 4. has lived 5. Have you gone 6. didn’t have 7. forgot 8. Did they rent 9. did you have 10. Have you seen
Advanced level exercises:
Read situations and write a question using either "did" or "has/have" plus the verb in parenthesis:
1. You heard from another person that Sarah may have travelled to Hawaii. You want to confirm if it is true so you ask:
You: Sarah, did you go_to Hawaii? (go)
2. You want to take clients who are visiting from abroad out to eat something new and unique. You want to confirm prior to making a decision so you ask:
You: Have you (ever) eaten Fugu? (eat)
3. Tomoko told you she was thinking of watching a movie last week. You want to know whether or not she saw so you ask:
You: Tomoko, did you watch (watch) the movie last week or did you decide (decide) to stay home instead?
4. You asked a coworker to send out a file last week and you want to confirm if it was done so you ask:
You: Tanaka san, have you sent (send) the file I gave you last week?
5. You are thinking of asking your coworker out to lunch so you ask:
  You: Hey, if you haven’t eaten (eat) lunch already, why don’t we grab a bite to eat?