Complain vs. Claim

  Janglish: Claim vs. Complain (Complaint)
  今週のJanglishは、よくビジネスで耳にするclaimという単語を勉強します。complainあるいは complaintと同じにされがちなので、注意が必要です。
correct ×Customers always claim about bad service at restaurants and hotels. (Wrong)
correct â—‹Customers always complain about bad service at restaurants and hotels. (Correct!)
  1. å‹•è©žclaimは「主張する」、complainは「文句や苦情を言う」という意味になります。
  He claimed that the waiter was not properly trained, but I think he was wrong.
He complained angrily about the waiter’s incompetence.
  2. 名詞のclaimは「訴訟などの申し立て」、complaintは、「苦情、不平」という意味になります。
  He filed a claim against the insurance company for non payment of injuries.
We received a complaint about our non payment of claims.
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