Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 13 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 13 (English)
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To break down: to stop functioning. Compare this idiom with ‘to burn out’ in Lesson 12. ‘To burn out’ means that electrical equipment becomes hot from overuse and stops functioning. ‘To break down’ means that something stops functioning mechanically, whether from overuse or not.
To turn out: to become or result; to appear, to attend (also: to come out). The noun form ‘turnout’ derives
Once in a blue moon: rarely, infrequently.
To give up: to stop trying; to stop a bad habit; to surrender.
To cross out: to cancel by marking with a horizontal line.
To take for granted: not to appreciate fully; to assume to be true without giving much thought. A noun or pronoun often follows the verb ‘take’.
To take into account: to consider a fact while evaluating a situation. A noun or pronoun often follows the verb ‘take’.
To make clear: to clarify, to explain.
Clear cut: clearly stated, definite, apparent.
To have on: to be wearing.
To come to: to regain consciousness; to equal, to amount to.
To call for: to require; to request, to urge.
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