Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 18 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 18 (English)
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To do without: survive or exist without something (also: to go without).
According to: in the order of; on the authority of.
To be bound to: to be certain to, to be sure to.
For sure: without doubt (also: for certain).
To take for: to perceive or understand as. This idiom is uaually used when some one is mistakenly perceived. A noun or pronoun must seperate the idiom.
To try out: to test, to use during a trial period; to audition.
To tear down: to destroy by making flat, to demolish.
To tear up: to rip into small pieces.
To go over: to be appreciated or accepted. This idiom is usually followed by the adverb ‘well’. (In Lesson 6 this idiom has the meaning ‘to review’).
To run out of: to exhaust the supply of, not to have more of.
At heart: basically, fundamentally. This idiom is used to describe the true character of a person.
On hand: available, nearby. This idiom is often followed by ‘in case’.
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