Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 3 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 3
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To pick out: to choose, to select.
To take one’s time: to do without rush, not to hurry. This idiom is often used in the imperative form.
To talk over: to discuss or consider a situation with others.
To lie down: to place oneself in a flat position, to recline.
To stand up: to rise from a sitting or lying position (also: to get up).
To sit down: to be seated (also: to take a seat, to have a seat).
All (day, week, month, year) long: The entire day, week, month, year.
By oneself: alone, without assistance.
On purpose: for a reason, deliberately.
To get along (with): to associate or work well (with).
To make a difference (to): to be of importance (to), to affect (also: to matter to). These idioms are often used with adjectves to show the degree of importance.
To take out: to remove, to extract, to go on a date with (also: go out (with).
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