Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 8

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 8
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To be about to: to be at the moment of doing something, to be ready. This idiom is often used with the adverb ‘just’.
まさに~しようとしている Ex: I was about to call you. (私も今電話しようと思ってたの。◆電話)
To turn around: to move or face in the opposite direction; to completely change the condition of.
回す、回転する[させる] Ex: Stand face to face. Now, turn around and stand back to back. (向かい合って!じゃあくるりと回って、背中合わせ!)
To take turns: to alternate, to change people while doing something.
交代で[代わる代わる・順番に]する[行う・使う] Ex: We are supposed to take turns. That’s the fair way. (交代でやることになっている。それが公平なやり方だ。)
To pay attention (to): to look at and listen to someone while they speaking, to concentrate.
,注意[留意・注目]する、注意を払う[注ぐ] Ex: I want him to pay attention only to me. (私は、彼に私のことだけを見ていてほしい。)
To brush up on: to review something in order to refresh one’s memory.
~を復習する Ex: To brush up one’s skills. (自分の能力を磨き直す)
Over and over (again): repeatedly (also: time after time, time and again).
何度も繰り返して、何回[何度]となく Ex: I tried over and over (again), but just couldn’t learn to speak Italian. (私は何度も何度も挑戦したが、イタリア語を話せるようにならなかった。)
To wear out: to use something until it has no value or worth anymore, to make useless through wear.
~を使い古す、すり減らす、摩滅する Ex: If things did not break, or wear out, how would tradesmen live? (物が壊れたり擦り切れたりしなければ、どうやって商売人が食べていけようか。)
To throw away: to discard, to dispose of.
~を投げ捨てる Ex: Throw away the trash. Throw away anything you don’t need! (ごみを捨てろ。必要ないものは全部捨てろ!)
To fall in love: to begin to love. This idiom is used with the expression ‘at first sight’ to indicate a sudden love for someone not well known.
恋に落ちる Ex: I could almost fall in love with the man on stage. (舞台の上の男性に、恋しちゃいそう。)
To go out (with): To go on a date (with); to date repeatedly.
(人)と交際する[付き合う・デートに行く] Ex: Nancy doesn’t want to go out with me any more.(ナンシーは、僕とはもう付き合いたくないのだ。)
To go out: to stop functioning; to stop burning; to leave home or work (also: to step out).
〔火・明かりが〕消える,外出する Ex: The electricity went out for an hour.  (The electricity went out for an hour. )
To break up (with): to stop dating.
〔恋人などの関係が〕壊れる、別れる Ex: Why did you break up with him? (なんで彼と別れたの?)
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