Prepositions of Time and Place – Part I:前置詞(時間・場所編1)

Read the following sentences and choose whether at, in, on, or no preposition is needed.
■下記の文章を読み、必要な前置詞を【 at, in, on, 前置詞なし】の中のいずれから選び文章を完成させなさい。
  1. I was born ________ 9:07am ________ July 31, 1982.

  2. ________ the time of the meeting, I was home sleeping.
  3. Should I contact you this evening or tomorrow ________ morning?

  4. Junko is not exactly sure when she will go to the Europe, but she knows it will be ________ 2008.

  5. ________ next Saturday, I have an appointment to go shopping with my friend in Ginza.

  6. The picnic planned for this weekend has been postponed and will be held ________ July.

  7. ________ about half past nine, my husband should return from his office.

  8. Takano san told me that he would go ______ New York to pursue his MBA ________ the latter half of this year.

  9. All members of the tennis team should report to the gym ________ night.

  10. The students tried to get their test scores ________ a quarter til 8, but the teacher hadn’t posted the results ________ that time.

  11. I couldn’t come to my English lesson ________ last weekend because I felt ill.
  12. ________ Saturday afternoon, I went shopping in Omotesando.
  13. ________ this morning, I was startled by the earthquake.
  14. Could you please ask Mr. Anderson to meet me ________ a later time?
  15. All bars and restaurants in that city must stop selling alcohol ________ midnight.