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You can read the article below and use it in your lessons to discuss with your teacher. — この記事を読んで先生とレッスンで話し合おう!
World News

‘Washi’ making set to be tacked onto UNESCO list

Japan’s traditional art of washi paper-making is in line to be added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list, the U.N. organization announced on Oct. 28.

Dating back more than 1,000 years, the craft of making

tetsuki washi (traditional handmade paper) had been nominated for the UNESCO list by the Japanese government.

UNESCO said its subsidiary that examines candidates for cultural assets proposed that it register washi-making as an Intangible Cultural Heritage. The official designation will be decided at a meeting to be held in November.

The craft will be the 23rd heritage to be selected from Japan, following the induction of “Washoku, traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese” in 2013.

(be) set to 〜する準備が整って
(be) tacked onto 〜に加えられる
art 技術
in line (不定詞を伴って)〜する候補で、見込みで
Intangible Cultural Heritage 無形文化遺産
Date(-ing) back さかのぼる
Subsidiary 相補助機関
Examine(s) 〜を審査する、吟味する
Candidates(s) 候補
Cultural assets 文化遺産
Propose(d) 〜と提案した、勧告した
Register 〜を登録する
Designation 指定
Induction 指定、導入
Dietary 食の、食に関する





World News:

McDonald’s fields unappetizing questions about its food

New York – McDonald’s wants to explain why its burgers may not rot and address other such urban myths.

The world’s biggest hamburger chain is confronting unappetizing questions as part of a U.S. campaign to beat

back perceptions that it serves Frankenfood.

Among the first issues McDonald’s addresses are widely circulated online images and videos that show its burgers staying intact supposedly after several weeks or even years. On its webpage, McDonald’s says that’s likely because the food has dehydrated.

The push comes as McDonald’s fights to boost its performance in the United States, its flagship market, where sales slid 1.5 percent in the most recent quarter.

field(s) (質問などに)対処する、うまく答える
unappetizing 食欲をそそらない
rot 腐る
address 〜に取り組む
urban myth(s) 都市伝説
confront(ing) 〜に立ち向かう
as part of 〜の一環として
beat back 〜を食い止める、撃退する
Frankenfood Frankensteinとfoodを組み合わせた
(be) circulated 流される、広められる
stay(ing) intact 損なわれないままである
supposedly 一般に言われているところでは
likely おそらく、たぶん
dehydrated(d) 水分を失った
push 努力、取り組み、活動
boost 〜を増やす、促進する
flagship 最重要な
slid (slide) 下落した
quarter 四半期

マクドナルド 「都市伝説」に立ち向かう





  New! Learning through News Videos
Business English Expression and Phrases <ビジネス英会話フレーズ>
-Learn expressions such as idioms and slang that is unique to culture, age, and business!
新しい英語表現: 文化・時代・ビジネスで使う特有なイディオム表現や俗語を覚えよう!
I can see a problem with…
  I can see a problem with holding the seminar on June 19. Most of our technical staff will be at a conference in Michigan then.
We need to think about a couple of things.
  We need to think about a couple of things. We only have three weeks to prepare, and George has to be in Michigan on that day.
I need to point out a serious problem.
  I need to point out a serious problem. George will be away at a conference on June 19, so he wouldn’t be able to come to the seminar.
There’s a big problem with…
  There’s a big problem with the 19th. George has another appointment on that day, so he won’t be able to give the presentation.

Forgive me for saying this, but….

  Forgive me for saying this, but that doesn’t seem plausible. George can’t go to both the conference in Michigan and the seminar.

Did you forget…?

  What are you thinking? Did you forget the Michigan conference in June?

–This section will cover a broad range of different grammar rules and explanations to help you understand sentence structure and improve awareness of English grammar.
Learning to use: so vs such and enough vs too
Read some of the sentences below and try to understand in which situations they are used correctly or incorrectly.
Examples of how "so" and "such" are used:

It was a great vacation. We had such a good time.
It was a great vacation. We had so good time.
We bought the car right way because it was so cheap.
We bought the car right way because it was such cheap.
I was so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open during the meeting.
I was such sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open during the meeting.
Note: "so" is used before an adjective with no noun after the adjective

Note: "such" is used before an adjective with a noun following the adjective

What is the difference between "enough" and "too"?

Could you turn down the lights? I do not like it too bright.
Could you turn down the lights? I do not like it bright enough.
Do not put the vegetables in the pot yet. The water is not hot enough.
Do not put the vegetables in the pot yet. The water is not too hot.
They can’t get married. They are not old enough.
They can’t get married. They are not too old.
Note: "enough" is usually used before a noun: Example: enough money, enough time

Note: "enough" is usually used after an adjective: Example: old enough, experienced enough
Note: "too" is usually used before an adjective: Example: too old, or too experienced

Nuance: "enough" usually has a positive meaning while "too" has a negative meaning.

Let’s learn how to use the above words! <練習問題>

Read each sentence and select which of the following choices is appropriate: so, such, such (a/an)
1. The hotel we stayed at during our vacation was _______ nice!
2. I was surprised by the size of our hotel room. It was _______ spacious room.
3. I didn’t realize you lived _______ far from the station.
4. Had I known that you had to walk _______ long way, I would have picked you up.
5. I can’t decide what to do. It’s _______ problem.
英語のクイズ 6. The weather is ______ beautiful isn’t it. I didn’t expect it to be _______ nice day.
英語のクイズ 7. I couldn’t believe the news. It was _______ shock.
Read each sentence and write the appropriate form of the word in parenthesis with "enough" or "too".
英語のクイズ 8. Do you have _______________ (money) to take a vacation right now?
英語のクイズ 9. He wasn’t _______________ (qualified) for the job so they didn’t hire him.
英語のクイズ 10. We should turn on the air conditioner. It is just _______________ (hot) in here.
英語のクイズ 11. The students could not understand the professor because he spoke _____________ (quickly).
英語のクイズ 12. The wallet was ________________ (big) so it did not fit in my back pocket.
英語のクイズ 13. Steve did not feel _______________ (well) to go to work this morning.
英語のクイズ 14. There weren’t ______________ (cups) for everyone to drink coffee.
Answers to above sentences:
1. so nice 2. such a 3. so 4. such a 5. such a 6. so / such a 7. such a 8. enough money 9. qualified enough 10. too hot 11. too quckly 12. too big 13. well enough 14. enough cups
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NEW! – Advice Column from a Foreigner’s Point of View (Relationship, Life, Work, and Everything Under the Sun)

(Kyoko : early 40’s Japanese): English Version translated from Japanese

"Quite often during my English lessons, I hear anecdotes about how my teacher (who is a foreign guy) talks about how he routinely cooks dinner for his wife, cleans the house as if it were his religion, and most importantly continues his efforts in trying to be romantic with his wife such as complimenting her on how she looks, buying her flowers for no reason, or regularly saying how much he loves her.

Eventhough they have been married for almost as long as I have been, is it just his relationship that is like this or is it most foreign relationships?

Thinking back of the times I spend with my friends who are also married over the last several years, I recall us sharing sharing stories and complaining about how our husbands. At least in my mind, my friends seem to be in the same boat as me and that is one where we all feel like mothers to our husbands rather than partners to them.

Is it just Japanese men who do not know how to be, for lack of a better word, "gentlemen"?

(Jenny: early 30’s Japanese-American):

"Hi Kyoko, thanks for sharing your story with us as this is a topic I hear over and over again in my lessons with my students. Rather than just say Japanese men are different from others, I think it is more fair to gauge the environment and society that the man grew up in.

I have seen some foreign men act like idiotic children while other Japanese men do their best to keep women happy in marriages. Like I said, it is a case by case basis.

With that said, I would have to agree that generally Japanese men do tend to lack their foreign counterparts in participating more in the home and showing affection. However, I blame this on environment and society.

Take for example a situation I had many years ago when I recommended a male student buy flowers for his wife for mother’s day. Though he told me he had bought it for his mom, he never considered buying anything for his wife since he "absentmindedly" thought his 5 year old daughter would do that.

So on that evening after our lesson, he bought the flowers and gave it to his wife. To my surprise, this was the conversation that ensued if memory serves me right:

Husband: This is for you.. (while handing over the flowers)
Wife: What’s this?
Husband: Mother’s day present.
Wife: What did you do? Did you do something wrong?
Husband: No. I just wanted to give you a present for mother’s day.
Wife: Why did you waste money on these flowers?
Husband: But… huh?
Wife: Save money.

I feel sorry for Japanese men in that they are criticized for showing affection while at the same time when they do, something had to have provoked the behavior. Of course, when men do something good, it is usually met with appreciation and not more criticism.

Another example is when I ask female student what they think when they see a Japanese guy holding flowers on the train vs an American guy holding flowers on the train. Surprisingly, most of them said it is "normal" for Americans to buy flowers because they are gentlemen. However, my students felt it was "strange" or "unnatural" for a Japanese men to hold flowers.

All in all, I want to point out that men are not all perfect. Their society, environment, and upbringing has instilled in them a mindset that is hard to changet. I am not saying they can not change but it will take time and effort from both the man and his wife. Japanese women need to also change what society dictates of them and communicate what they want with their husbands.

Japanese wives want men to be more affectionate. Japanese men want their wives to be more affectionate. It is a two way street.

From a foreigners point of view, I say Japanese women have it best. At least most of you get your husband’s salary transferred to your account and you manage the family budget! That is something most foreign men will never allow.

In your case Kyoko, I want to say that not every relationship is perfect. Though your teacher may seem like the "perfect" husband with regards to the points you mentioned, your husband may be better in other parts. You just have to look for it.

I have also heard Japanese men complain how their wives are not more like American women. For example, they say things like how they wished their wives would work more and take more of a burden off of them to be the main breadwinner. They also say how Western women allow men to have more freedom in having "boys" nights and openly allow their friends into their homes which I think Japanese women are not likely to allow.

Have you ever talked to your husband on what you would like him to do? Additionally, if he is to change to adapt to your needs, you will need to adapt to his needs as well. After all, marriage is all about understanding and compromising. A good start to all of this is better communication as it is a very good start in almost everything.

Let me know how it goes!