Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 13

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 13
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To break down: to stop functioning. Compare this idiom with ‘to burn out’ in Lesson 12. ‘To burn out’ means that electrical equipment becomes hot from overuse and stops functioning. ‘To break down’ means that something stops functioning mechanically, whether from overuse or not.
〔機器が〕正常に動かなくなる Ex: The machine has broken down. (この機械は壊れている。)
To turn out: to become or result; to appear, to attend (also: to come out). The noun form ‘turnout’ derives
結局~であることが分かる, ~の結果になる、(~ということに)なる Ex: Things don’t always turn out as planned. (物事はいつも計画[マニュアル]どおりにいくとは限らない。)
Once in a blue moon: rarely, infrequently.
めったに~ない Ex: I see her once in a blue moon now. (今ではほんのたまにしか彼女に会わない。)
To give up: to stop trying; to stop a bad habit; to surrender.
あきらめる、断念する、降伏する Ex: Don’t give up before you try.
To cross out: to cancel by marking with a horizontal line.
〔文字などを〕線を引いて消す Ex: He crossed out the people on the list he wanted fired.


To take for granted: not to appreciate fully; to assume to be true without giving much thought. A noun or pronoun often follows the verb ‘take’.
~を当然[当たり前・もちろんのこと・常識・無論のこと]と考える Ex: Faithfulness in a relationship shouldn’t be taken for granted. ((異性)関係における誠実さを当たり前のことと思ってはいけない。)
To take into account: to consider a fact while evaluating a situation. A noun or pronoun often follows the verb ‘take’.
考慮する Ex: Don’t fail to take into account that kids would be kids. (子どもはあくまで子どもなんだということを忘れるな[考慮しろ]。)
To make clear: to clarify, to explain.
はっきりさせる Ex: The officers made it clear that he was not to leave town for a while. (警官たちは彼に、しばらくは町を離れないように言いわたした。)
Clear cut: clearly stated, definite, apparent.
明確な、明快な、疑いの余地のない、分かりやすい Ex: The law does not provide a clear-cut answer. (法律には明文規定がない。)
To have on: to be wearing.
着けている Ex: Some of them have on T-shirts. (彼らのうち何人かはTシャツを着ている。)
To come to: to regain consciousness; to equal, to amount to.
〔気絶の後などに〕意識が戻る、〔合計が〕~になる Ex: Crude oil prices are expected to come to 25 dollars a barrel. (原油価格は1バレル25ドル程度になるだろう。)
To call for: to require; to request, to urge.
~を求めて呼ぶ, ~を要求[要請・提唱]する Ex: Should I call for the nurse? (看護師を呼びましょうか。)
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