Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 23 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 23 (English)
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To make do: to manage, to cope. This idiom is used when a person must accept a substitute that is not the most suitable.
To give birth to: to bear a human being or animal.
Close call: a situtaion involving a narrow escape from danger (also: close shave).
To get on one’s nerves: to annoy or disturb (also: to bug).
To put down: to suppress, to quell; to criticize unfairly.
To go for: to be sold at a certain price; to seek or strive for; to agree with or to consider. The third definition is similar to ‘to feel like’ in Lesson 14.
To be into: to have as an interest, such as a sport or hobby (also: to get into).
To stay up: to remain awake, not go to bed.
To stay in: to remain at home, not to go out. An idiom with the opposite meaning is ‘to stay out’.
To take over: to assume control or responsibility for; to do or perform again. The meaning of the second definition is almost the same as ‘do over’ in Lesson 11. Also for the second definition, a noun or pronoun must devide teh idiom.
To show up: to appear, to arrive; to be found or located (also for the second definition: to turn up).
To clean out: to empty, to tidy by removing; to steal, to rob; to buy or purchase all of something.
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