Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 24 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 24 (English)
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To knock out: to make unconscious. The noun form ‘knockout’ derives from this idiom.
To knock oneself out: to work very hard (sometimes too hard) to do something. A reflexive pronoun must divide the idiom.
To carry out: to accomplish, to execute (also: to go through with).
To run into: to meet someone unexpectedly; to crash or collide in (also: to bump into).
To set out: to start travelling toward a place (also: to set off, to head out); to arrange or display neatly (also: to lay out).
To set out to: to intend to, to act purposefully to.
To draw up: to prepare documents or legal papers.
Give and take: compromise, cooperation between people.
To drop out of: to stop attending; to withdraw from. This idiom can be made into the noun form ‘dropout’.
To believe in: to accept as true, have faith in.
To cheer up: to make happier, to feel less sad.
To make sense: to be sensible or reasonable.
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