Present Perfect Tense Review – Test Part II(現在完了形・復習テスト2)

Present Perfect Review Test – Part II
(Print this assignment out first. Then, come back and click each drop down menu list to check your answers.)
Put the verb into the more suitable form: –Present perfect simple (I have done etc.) or continuous (I have been doing etc.)– Keep in mind some of the answers may be negative.
1. Where have you been? Have you been playing (you/play) tennis?
2. Look! Somebody_____________________(break) that window.
3. You look tired. _____________________(you/work) hard?
4. "_____________________(you/ever/work) in a factory?" "No, never."
5. "Jane is away on holiday." "Oh, is she? Where _____________________(she/go)?"
6. My brother is an actor. He _____________________(appear) in several films.
7. "Sorry I am late." "That is alright. I _____________________(not/wait) long."
8. "Is it still raining?" "No, it _____________________(stop)."
9. I _____________________(lose) my address book. _____________________ (you/see) it anywhere?
10. I _____________________(read) the book you lent me but I _____________________(not/finish) it yet.
11. I _____________________ (finish) the book you lent me, so you can have it back now.
12. I can’t believe it! An important document _____________________ (disappear) from my pc.
13. Anthony _____________________ (move) into a nice apartment in the Roppongi Hills area.
14. I _____________________ (read) any books written by Akira Ikegami. Is he any good?
15. Mr. Harada _____________________ (give) the same boring lecture to his students for years.