Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 16

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 16
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On one’e toes: alert, cautious. This idiom is usually used with the verbs ‘stay’ and ‘keep’.
Ex: Four-year-old twins will certainly keep you on your toes! (4歳の双子は絶対にあなたを油断させずにおきますよ!)
To watch one’s step: to walk or move cautiously, to be careful when walking or moving.
足元に気を付ける Ex: Please watch your step. (足元にご注意ください。)
To watch what one says / does: to speak or behave carefully.
言葉に注意する[気を付ける] Ex: Watch what you say in front of him. (彼の前で言葉に気をつけてください。)
To see eye to eye: to agree, to concur.
見解[意見・気持ち]が一致する Ex: Jerry was surprised that she and her husband saw eye to eye on the issue. ( ジェリーは、驚いたことに、その件に関して夫と意見が一致しました。)
To have in mind: to be considering, to be thinking.

Ex: What do you have in mind? (何を考えているのですか?)

To keep in mind: to remember, not to forget (also: to bear in mind)
留意する、覚えておく Ex: Keep in mind that money doesn’t grow on trees. (: 金は木になるわけではないということを覚えて[頭に入れて・忘れないで・肝に銘じて]おきなさい。)
For once: this one time, for only one time.
今回だけは、今回に限り Ex: For once he was telling the truth. (今回だけは、彼は本当のことを言っていた。)
To go off: to explode; to sound as an alarms; to leave suddenly without explanation.

Ex: John went off to get something to drink. (ジョンは飲み物を取りに行った。)

To grow out of: to outgrow, to become too old or too big for; to be a result of.
~から生じる, 〔子どもじみた行為・習慣から〕脱する Ex: The tragedy grew out of the conflict between the two. (その悲劇は両者のあつれきから生じた。)
To make the best of: to do the best that one can in a poor siruation.
~を最大限に活用する、~で精いっぱいやりくりする Ex: We have to make the best of our small income. ( 私たちは少ない収入でやりくりしなければならない。)
To cut off: to shorten by cuting the ends; to disconnect or stop suddenly.
切り取る、切除する,切り取る、切除する Ex: She used the scissors to cut off a thread on her skirt. (彼女はスカートの糸を切るために挟みを使った。)
To cut out: to remove by cutting; to stop doing something (for the second definition, also: to knock it off). For the second definition, the idiom is usually seperated by the pronoun ‘it’.
切り取る、切り抜く,やめる、断つ、よす、よしてくれよ Ex: Would you cut it out? You’re in my way! (やめて!邪魔しないで!)
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