Phrasal Expressions – Lesson 25 (English)

Phrasal Expressions : Lesson 25 (English)
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To burst out: to depart quickly (also: to storm out); to act suddenly. For the second definition, this idiom is usually followed by a gerund form such as ‘laughing, crying, singing’, etc.
To get away: to get free, to escape.
To get away with: to avoid punishment for.
To serve (someone) right: to receive one’s just punishment. This diom is usually used at the beginning of a sentence after the subject ‘it’.
To keep up: to prevent from sleeping; to continue maintaining (speed, level of work, condition, etc.).
To keep up with:

to have current knowledge of; to understand as an explanation. This idiom should be compared to the meaning of ‘to keep up with’ in Lesson 17.

To stand out: to be easily visible or noticeable (also: to stick out). This idom is used for someone or something that is different from all others.
To let on: to reveal or tell what you know, to hint.
To go wrong: to fail, to result badly.
To meet (someone) halfway: to compromise with someone.
To check up on: to examine with the purpose of determining condition (also: to check on). The noun form ‘checkup’ derives from this idiom.
To stick up: to point or place upwards; to rob. The second definition of this idiom has the same meaning as the third definition of ‘to hold up’ in Lesson 20.
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